When school let out for the summer 12-year-old Carly and her friends found themselves wanting to find something to occupy their time. After some brainstorming, they decided that they wanted to do a bake sale in honor of Carly’s sister Brooklyn, who has Rett Syndrome. The three girls didn’t think that it would be fair to ask their parents to help financially so they pooled their allowances to purchase supplies! They even formulated a plan: Nina would design flyers and handle advertising; Laura would oversee baking the goodies; Carly would be in charge of the stand, paperwork, and help bake as well. They planned to sell their baked goods and lemonade every other Saturday. And that is how Bake Box began!

Why “Bake Box”? The girls originally started out selling their goods from a box, hence the name. Since then they have moved on to a full stand, but the name remains. Over the summer the girls set their stand up four times, raising a total of $350! Wow! But they do not want to stop there. They have their eyes set on the Winter Farmers Market where they hope to sell more of their baked goods over Winter Break. They have already begun to prepare by setting aside a portion of their earnings for fees they may incur to have a booth at the market. They also set aside a little for an emergency fund. The rest was donated to Girl Power 2 Cure in honor of Brooklyn!

When Carly was asked to tell us a little about Brooklyn she said,” Brookie is fun to play with and she laughs when I get in trouble”. Sounds like sisterly love! And we have no doubt that Brooklyn is just as proud of Carly, who wants to be an architect or engineer when she grows up. For now, this motivated young lady enjoys drawing, tennis, and spending time with her sister and her friends!