As we are all made to slow down and focus on things at home, we wanted to help make this time a bit easier for our families. You may be wondering… what are we to do with weeks of no therapies, school, or social activities? While GP2C may not be able to help with “socializing”, we can certainly help with activities for the home-front!

Many companies and organizations are offering FREE resources for those needing a little extra support. Offerings range from free or reduced prices, free story hours, activities to get us moving and stretching, virtual “field trips” and more! We love that people and organizations are stepping forward to support one another, and we plan to do the same.

We have compiled a list of various activities and resources below. We hope they provide some fun and learning in your “new” daily routine.

*Please note: these resources are offered to the general public, so not all are necessarily tailored to eye-gaze technology. Stay tuned for Rett University offerings for those with complex needs within the coming weeks!

Reading activities, read-along, author storytimes.

Scholastic-Learn at Home Program! Each day dive into a different study! Start off with watching a story, then following up with a book related to each days’ topic. For grades Pre-K to 6 and up. They offer programs for families, administrators, and teachers!

  1. Language and learning sites, for general use.

These sites offer educational companies offering free (free-for-now) subscriptions due to school closings. They update frequently so be sure to check back often!

UK only:

  1. Math Resources

UK only:

  1. Science Resources

  • Geography…/teacher-cat…/primary-resources/…

UK only:

  1. History

UK only:

  1. For the Curious Learner-Virtual Field Trips, Museum Tours, and more!

These virtual events let educators (and parents) take students to amazing places from the comfort of your own home!

  • Language and Learning for Adaptive Communication

Tobii Dynavox Communication Support Materials

To help educators, parents, and learners during this time of need, the Tobii Dyanvox team has created and gathered free coronavirus support materials.

Core First Learning and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®) are the foundation of our resources. Core First Learning is designed to teach communicators how to find, use, and read core words, which comprise 80% of our vocabulary. PCS® are the symbols that are consistently used in all resources to facilitate learning.


Program Overview: A free collection of leveled thematic units featuring PCS®. In addition to books, each unit includes games, communication boards, behavior supports, and more.

Resource Download (US):

Boardmaker Activities-to-go

Program Overview: Access PCS® for over 40,000 words, including coronavirus, and behavior support templates, such as daily schedules and behavior supports.

30-Day Free Trial:

Snap Core First®

Program Overview: Snap Core First® is a symbol-based communication app custom-designed for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). It’s designed for all ages and stages of language development. It supports access via touch, switch, and eye gaze with clear speech output.

Download Coronavirus Page Set:

Download 60-Day Free Trial (iOS):

Download 60-day Free Trial (Windows):


Program Overview: A free Snap Core First® companion app that provides communication partners with guidance and resources for engaging AAC users. Goals grid, lesson plans, video examples, lesson plans, and supporting materials are included.

Resource Download (iOS and Windows):

  1. Games for eye-gaze, adaptive communication, and general education

  1. Physical Activity

In-home yoga for kids! Physical therapy may be hard to come by at this time, but at home stretching (adapted to fit your loved one’s needs) helps get our bodies moving!

These resources are just a few items we have come across that are meant to bring some educational fun into your home! Stay tuned for additional resources from Girl Power 2 Cure’s very own Rett University!