Meet the Girls

Rett Syndrome takes away a girl’s ability to speak, walk, crawl, or use her hands, but it doesn’t take her spirit. Rett Girls are strong, bright, beautiful, and the ones who inspire us to fight with every drop of energy we have. Read their stories here and share them with others.

Meet the Girls

Believe in Us

Thank you Girl Power 2 Cure for all your encouragement and for making it fun and easy to spread awareness! You supply everything we need and have really helped make this whole experience very enjoyable. We always feel supported in every way. Mandy is a wild fire! She is soo happy for all the community support!

— Jennifer Castro Rett Mom

Upcoming Event

October 21, 2018 Stick it to Rett

Please join us for Stick it to Rett on October 21st from 1pm - 4pm. If weather does not permit play the backup date will be November 11th from 1pm - 4pm. This Lacrosse Clinic is being held in honor of beautiful Ava that has Rett Syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that primarily affects girls.

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