November 2020 Newsletter

Girl Power 2 Cure #RiseAboveRett in 2020! 2020 is quickly coming to an end (some may say none too soon). We are occasionally asked about our decisions to continue fundraising in these tumultuous times, given COVID-19, a tenuous economy and associated impacts, and of...

Rett Sister, Volunteer, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

When school let out for the summer 12-year-old Carly and her friends found themselves wanting to find something to occupy their time. After some brainstorming, they decided that they wanted to do a bake sale in honor of Carly’s sister Brooklyn, who has Rett Syndrome....

Raising a Boy with Rett Syndrome – The Ferdinandsens

Long before the “days of COVID” we knew about living in a solitary space.  By “we” I mean my son and, by association, our family because he is a boy living with Rett Syndrome. Initially, the feeling of not being able to draw from the well of collective parenting...

2021 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Registration is now open! Go to to learn more and register!

My Sister Through My Eyes by Jillian Schatzman

When I was a little girl, each night I would ask myself,  “when Michelle wakes up in the morning, will she be all better?” Will we be able to run around together, play dress up, and my little ponies? To talk to each other like sisters do? She was diagnosed with Rett...

Fun at Home: Products and Activities for Time Spent at Home

As we are all focused on staying home for the time being we wanted to provide you with some fun activities to do with your loved ones! We have chosen a handful of products that we feel may prove useful in keeping your loved ones engaged and learning in the next few...

Girl Power 2 Cure is a nonprofit organization leading a movement to end Rett Syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that primarily affects girls but does affect boys, as well



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