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We don’t want you to feel alone in this fight. The GP2C community is an inspiring and encouraging place filled with loving families pulling together to support each other.

From resources for telling your story and fundraising, to a place for finding & sharing helpful product tips or connecting with a family near you, our community is where everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.

Family Support

Enroll at Rett University

Rett Girls are bright. We are here to help you help her reach her full potential. We created Rett University with Rett education specialist Susan Norwell to bring the best training available in literacy, communication and more. Take courses online or attend a live session near you.



We created a place just for you. A site that lists tips, physicians, therapy exercises, recipes, apps, IEP examples, sample letters of medical necessity and more. We call it the "Everything Rett Site." Check it out. Learn, share, contribute. We're all in this together.


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Our community is filled with passionate, loving people who fight the same battles you face every day. GP2C sends out research updates, product reviews and upcoming events. To get these and more, drop your email in below - and we’ll take care of the rest.