About Girl Power 2 Cure

Founded in 2006, Girl Power 2 Cure is a dedicated and vibrant nonprofit organization leading a movement to end Rett Syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that primarily affects girls. We are here to respond to the urgent need for support, education, mainstream awareness and treatments.

For us, change starts with a simple belief - that girls losing the ability to walk, speak or use their hands for a lifetime is unacceptable.

Our inspiration is our flower:  always in bloom with hope and positive energy, ready to grow for our cause worldwide.


To empower a movement to see Rett Syndrome become the first curable childhood neurological disorder.


We educate and raise awareness.

Because girls with Rett Syndrome have the right to be heard. Through webinars, events, and awareness campaigns, we have inspired a movement of thousands, and need thousands more.

We support families.

Because they are the heroes, tirelessly caring for their daughters, sisters and granddaughters. We open our arms to every family and provide them with the resources and support they need to fight for their daughters and for a cure. From helpful product reviews and hands-on training to fundraising efforts, we walk with them on the journey that many of us have made ourselves.

We fund research. 

Because the world needs these girls. They are brave, they are bright, and they are beautiful. We cannot rest knowing Rett Syndrome is curable. We are determined to see the girls and women who are suffering live better lives. Through a strong partnership with the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, we fund research that is crucial to developing treatments and a cure.

We inspire action.

Because change starts with a simple belief - that girls losing the ability to walk, speak or use their hands for a lifetime is unacceptable.

Our flower is our guide, our cornerstone, always in bloom with hope and positive energy ready to grow wherever there is inspiration to fight for our cause.

Our Core Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe Rett Syndrome can be the first reversible neurological disorder.
  • We believe that girls are powerful and positive community leaders and mentors.
  • We believe in empowering Rett Syndrome families by supporting and encouraging their creative fundraising and awareness initiatives.
  • We believe amidst the mass confusion going on within their central nervous systems, Rett Girls are smart, strong and waiting bravely for us to unlock the door to their recovery.
  • We believe that finding a successful treatment for Rett Syndrome will pave the way to treatments of other neurological disorders such as: Autism, Alzheimer's, bipolar disorder and more.




In February 2013, our two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Girl Power 2 Cure (GP2C), their staff, members, and supporters, have become a beacon of light for me and my family. They bring an air of excitement, youthfulness, and fun to a very serious diagnosis. 

— Candice