Pledge Support

I, , pledge my support for the girls in my community and around the world trapped by Rett Syndrome. To be their voice for sharing the hope of a cure with those I meet. To commit what I can, be it my time or resources, to share their stories, support them and their families, and help fund research that will find a cure.

Spread the Word

Over a half a million girls are trapped in their bodies because of Rett Syndrome, but they are vibrant individuals. We can help be their voice. Share their stories and recruit others to join the fight to free them from Rett. We’ve created a bucket full of ideas to get you started.

Spread Awareness

Our Events

We love everything we do, but we love events! They give us a chance to meet everyone fighting for the girls as passionately as we are. A whole lot of fun, a whole lot of love and a whole lot of Girl Power is in the air at each one. You’re totally invited and we’d love to see you at the next one.  


Host an Event

Spread the word and show support by hosting your own event! We have so many fun and creative event ideas for you to use, or you can create your own. Click below to learn more and get started planning your event to support GP2C.

Host an Event