The Power of Your Gift is Hope … in Action!

Together with our families, Girl Power 2 Cure is providing tremendous impact! And with the Power of Your Gift, that impact will continue to expand across the nation and across the globe. Through our Family Support and Advocacy services, families throughout the world have access to critical information, tools, and products.  Our Rett Girl resources provide inspiration, motivation, diet and therapy suggestions, and everyday activities to help Rett children and families live inclusive, active and more productive lives.

Our Support and Advocacy team (Carolyn Fowler and our Community Support Team contributors) are continually searching for new and innovative approaches to dealing with everyday Rett life. And they are here to help you!

With informed and active families, our loved ones can seek adventure just like other kids. They adapt and rise above challenges. Like Charlie in her kayak, they live their lives to the fullest. When others deem things impossible, we help to find the possible.

Whether it be Evie skydiving or Luz cheering, there is almost always a way to promote inclusiveness, and we are here to help!

Rett Girl family support, Rett University educational programs, and cure-focused research donations… these are the things that make us go at Girl Power 2 Cure, serving families and the resilient boys and girls we all love.

Please help us continue to make a difference. Help us put the “Power” in Girl Power 2 Cure. Thank you for your support, and we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season!