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The Power Of Research

Our partners at Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) continue to lead the world-wide science community in pursuit of cure-focused research projects for Rett Syndrome and other MECP2-related disorders, and we are in the fight together!

With the unfortunate delay of gene therapy trials, 2019 has been a year of hopeful patience, but we look forward to substantive and meaningful progress as 2020 unfolds. RSRT continues to advance studies and grants in other promising areas, including gene editing, MECP2 reactivation, RNA modification, and protein replacement research initiatives. With so much hope and a multi-channel research philosophy, GP2C support of these RSRT programs is critical. To date, we have helped fund over $1.7M of ground-breaking research through participation with the Rett Syndrome Research Trust!

Your gift helps us to accelerate these research efforts and make real impact in the lives of those with Rett Syndrome.

Happy Holidays,
The GP2C Team

“In March of 2017, RSRT set an ambitious goal to raise $33 million over three years to fund priority research approaches. Thanks to the efforts of affected families who fund-raise and the generosity of so many, $30.4 million has been raised – 92% to the goal. There’s just three months left to raise $2.6 million…”

Rett Syndrome Research Trust

Roadmap to a Cure Fundraising Update