The resolve and determination of just about every Rett Syndrome family I meet is remarkable. As we draw near the end of 2019, we see our mission to help families #RiseAboveRett fulfilled in so many ways, each and every day. You are our inspiration.

Disney Princess, Firecracker Fundraisers, “Rockin’ for Rett” themed events, and any number of runs, rides, dances, and other creative fundraisers have served to fuel our multichannel missions of family support, Rett University educational programs, and of course, our commitment to funding research.

There are two things that every family emphasizes through these activities – anticipation for the cure and gratitude for our efforts to make everyday life with Rett Syndrome as positive as we can. Our themes of #HopeInAction and #RiseAboveRett resonate with our constituents, and every day, we are making a difference.

As we approach year-end, we are excited to share our last important project for 2019 – The Power of Your Gift. We will officially begin the 2019 POYG campaign to align with national “Giving Tuesday”, which falls on Tuesday, December 2nd.

Here are easy ways you can help:

  1. Visit the PYOG Donation Site: Encourage your friends, family and support networks to join in the giving!
  2. Leverage your Social Networks: Use the online power of your story to sponsor a 2019 finale fundraiser.  We have templates on our GP2C Facebook page which make setup a breeze!
  3. Take advantage of your workplace matching program: Multiply your impact to help accomplish our goals, it’s super easy and we can help!

In this season of thankfulness and of giving, we are thankful for you. As we look forward to 2020, we are inspired by the prospect of exciting research developments, expansion of our Rett University offerings, and our ever-important family support initiatives through RettGirl.

We pray that your family, and especially our Rett girls and boys, will thrive until the cure is with us. Please help us to help others #RiseAboveRett and keep the hopes of so many alive and active into 2020!


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