Girl Power 2 Cure, INC. is proud to announce Jenny Tesler, writer and blogger of is joining the GP2C Team!

Jenny will be volunteering as a contributing writer to the Rett Girl Magazine, a Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. online and hard-copy magazine publication dedicated to educating and spreading awareness to thousands around the globe impacted by Rett Syndrome.

An avid hiker and nature lover, Jenny has made it her mission to give Magnolia a lifetime full of adventures while writing about them. Jenny shares, “Girl Power 2 Cure has a special place in my heart. Like all parents, the first year of diagnosis was extremely challenging. I found Girl Power 2 Cure and connected with GP2C families from around the world and was inspired to not allow myself or my family to become victims of this debilitating disorder. Instead, I decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with GP2C and found it gave me the much-needed respite I needed from our new daily life. It gave me something to work towards as I learned to deal and cope with this new life of living with Rett Syndrome. Training for the half marathon, daily yoga therapy and weekly hikes has brought adventure and balance back into my life.”

Jenny’s writing gives an honest and sometimes comedic perspective of her family’s journey with Rett Syndrome. Jenny discovered her desire to be a writer while studying with the Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles. After her daughter Magnolia’s diagnosis in December 2013, Jenny was unable to write, finding it difficult to express all that was beginning to happen and unfold. As time moved forward, Jenny has become an advocate for her daughter, finding her voice as a writer and also finding a way to put adventure back into their life.

GP2C COO Roger Brooks shares, “Many of us have watched Jenny and her family open up about their journey with our Rett Syndrome community and others, all the good and challenging. Their story compels us all to think about how we too are living life with Rett Syndrome and how we have opportunity to do the best we can, taking notice of the small wins and the adventures we as parents, family and friends have opportunity to create.”

Jenny will be contributing regularly to the Rett Girl Magazine as well as hosted blogs throughout the year. Her column titled, “Life Adventures with Rett” will be featured in the upcoming Spring/Summer Rett Girl Magazine scheduled to be released in mid-April.

Jenny continues, “I want families to know we get it. We understand what they are going through and once you come out of the shock and disappointment of the diagnosis, remembering your child has so much life to live, it’s just going to be a little different than most and that is okay. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Rett Syndrome and what it’s done to Maggie but I’m also reminded that I have a beautiful, bright young lady that deserves to live a wonderful life as best she can. And, we are going to do our best to make that happen for her and share with others how they can too. On a good day in Los Angeles, a hike up to the top of Runyan Canyon will give you a 360-degree view around the city, from the oceans to the mountains to the downtown skyscrapers. On the best days, Magnolia has made the hike with us, up the mountain to enjoy the view too.”