It’s time again for another inspiring Runner Spotlight! Meet Michelle Boom from Deerfield, NH. Michelle will be running with Team GP2C for the 6th time in February 2020 at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend in Orlando, FL.

“We are so lucky to have Michelle on our team again. She is passionate, dedicated, an amazing fundraiser and does it all in honor of her sweet daughter Izzie!” shares Amei Prachthauser, Program Manager.  Michelle has 4 amazing kids and an awesome husband who makes her life (as she describes it) one crazy ride!

Thank you, Michelle, for allowing GP2C to be part of your family’s journey and being so inspiring!  Michelle continues to make a difference… one step at a time!”

Were you a runner before running for Rett Syndrome?

NO! I had always been involved in sports and been fit, but never a “Let’s go for a run for fun” kinda gal. 

How many and what distance races have you run?

When I first decided to run with Team GP2C it was soon after my daughter got diagnosed. I only had two kids and was working full time, so I had more time! I ran a few 5K’s and a 10K to get a better time for starting in my first Half Marathon. Then more kids came therefore my “me time” was non-existent. I have run 4 Princess Half Marathons with GP2C and probably four 5K’s and one 10k.

What inspires you to run?

My daughter of course! Like I mentioned earlier, I have always been an athlete but NEVER a runner. So, when everyone was posting about their inspirations and how they were able to run 13.1 miles for their daughter, I was hooked and on board. My daughter wakes up every day with the biggest smiles, takes on the day with such happiness and doesn’t let anything get in her way. So, if she is able to go through life and let nothing stop her, I can certainly train and push through 13.1 glorious miles.

Do you have any pre-or post-run traditions?

Our post tradition after the Disney Princess race is to come back to the room and order Dominoes. Stuff our faces and then usually take a nap. Afterwards, we walk to the Downtown Disney area and will always treat ourselves to Ghirardelli Chocolate ice cream!   

What is on your playlist?

I have a huge variety of songs. My favorite to listen to is actually old cheering competition music from when I coached cheering. They still pump me up and I can visualize my team running through the routine, which helps pass the time while running.   

What song would you recommend to other Rett runners to help inspire them to get moving?

I really like Cut to the Feeling by Carley Rae Jepsen. 

What’s your power song?

I still like Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Do you have a specific goal you are working towards?

I do not have true specific goals, other than to actually train more for this year’s Disney Princess and take some more “me time” by doing so. 

Any advice to new runners?

Start small and work up. Never feel like you have given up even if you need to walk at any point. Because at some point in the past you weren’t even doing what you’re able to do now. So, you have already made a huge improvement.  

How do you motivate yourself to keep running, even when you are tired, the run is hard, and your body is telling you to stop?

Seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces as you make it across the finish line and of course getting to hug my daughter and seeing her eyes light up as I give her our medal that we earned.