A message from GP2C Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Pierce

Dear GP2C Team and Supporters,

We at GP2C and Rett University hope this email finds your family healthy and thriving, despite current world circumstances.

Routines have been disrupted. For many, closures and quarantines are an inconvenience. But for families of special-needs children and adults, this event is likely a major life impact, creating turbulence in an already delicate environment. While we cannot be physically present to help, please know that we are thinking about you every day, and praying for as much calm and peace in your lives as possible. We are also not standing by with idle hands.

Resources for your Family

Recognizing the increased time at home while practicing social distancing, we are compiling resources and educational content that may be useful to your family during this event.

Our GP2C Family Support Coordinator, Carolyn Fowler, has compiled and released a list of free and reduced-cost resources from organizations around the world to help fill this time at home.

Our Rett University Team, Susan and Kourtney, will be developing several free “mini-segment” educational videos specially designed for Rett Syndrome and other complex-need AAC device users. We will release these free segments beginning next week and plan to develop approximately two per week throughout the “quarantine” period of time.

Remote Education

We would also like to make each and every family aware of our ability to deliver private consultations in a fully remote configuration. These can range from one-hour to full-day sessions, and utilize some relatively simple technologies that we can establish on your devices. During this COVID-19 period of disruption, we hope that you consider taking advantage of these remote capabilities to maintain your loved one’s educational progress. Looking ahead, we also plan to make “remote delivery” a permanent option for our standard services.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the above, please call or drop us an email. Amei, Carolyn, Kourtney, and Susan can help with just about any question you might have. Please stay in touch via our Facebook pages and let us know how you are weathering the storm. We would love to hear other creative ideas!

We are all here to help. This will end, and life will return to our respective “normal” hopefully soon. Please stay safe and to the greatest extent possible, cherish this bonus time with the ones you love most.