Lately, I have found myself focusing on self-care because my family is in a period of transition. By making sure I take time for myself it is helping me refocus and be better able to meet the needs of my family.

One of my favorite ways to practice self-care is through movement. I dance. I run. I jump. I stretch. No movement is too small or too big for me to attempt. Which brings me to what I am so very thankful for every day.

I can MOVE!

I can completely control my body movements. When my brain sends a command to my legs to leap, they listen, and I leap. Maybe not with the graceful fluidity of a professional dancer, but I leap. If I need to walk or run, my legs propel me forward.

During a PoundFit class, I channel my inner Rick Allen from Def Leppard while I beat the floor with my rip sticks. Movement brings me so much joy simply because I can move.

I once had an instructor comment on how much I move while we are in class and that I never seem to stop. We talked a bit more and the conversation turned towards my inspiration, which is Evie…big surprise right? I shared how Rett Syndrome has taken the ability for her to control her own body movements and that even the simplest action, like holding a cup, takes extraordinary effort on her part.

That even when she seems to struggle to place one foot in front of the other, she keeps trying and pushing herself to keep moving forward. Her perseverance and determination has brought perspective to my life and made me grateful for my mobility.

I want to encourage you all to find joy in the movement. It doesn’t have to be running a half marathon, even though we’d love to have you join Team GP2C, it can be something little. Go for that walk. Take a class with a friend: I highly recommend Sh’Bam, BodyTone, or PoundFit. Try something new, like belly dancing or hiking. Just get out there and move.

We never know what tomorrow will bring into our lives and taking time for yourself may be just what you need to rejuvenate your body and mind for what might lie just around the river bend (yeah, I’m a Disney geek).