For those who may be wondering about Girl Power 2 Cure, what we do as an organization and what we offer to the Rett Syndrome community – It is hope. On the day to day, we support families, we educate, we raise awareness and much-needed funds for symptomatic treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome.

One of the ways we are able to accomplish all of these things is by having families and their supporters, as well as our organization, host events. One of the biggest events that Girl Power 2 Cure has been a part of for the past 9 years is the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Orlando, FL. We fundraise throughout the year, we train, we run and we come together – It is a reunion of sorts that many of us look forward to each and every year. We cheer each other on as we cross the finish line and we share a meal together at our annual team dinner.

This weekend is one of those times where it is almost too hard to describe the camaraderie and what this weekend truly means to so many. So instead of trying to come up with all of the ways our organization helps families, we will let the words of one of our most cherished families speak for themselves. Bonnie Budd is mom to Sabrina (who has Rett Syndrome), and each year she and her sons return to Disney Princess weekend to run in honor of Sabrina, to catch up with old friends, and to encourage new ones. We are honored to have such a dedicated and hope-filled family to be a part of our wonderful community. Thank you to this amazing family for all you do for those affected by Rett Syndrome.

“Some of you may have put all the pieces together about this annual trip of ours.

It is so much more than running, medals or Disney.

To be a parent, sibling, loved one, friend or caretaker of a special needs child is all-consuming. It alters life and flips it upside down in ways that are hard to describe. You don’t get many days off if any. Even on vacation most I know are still doing tasks remotely or helping others. It’s what you do.

No one signed up for this way of life nor was it in any of our handbooks.

Girl Power 2 Cure is a hug. One of those great big bear ones that kiss you on the forehead giving you the warm gooey I am going to be ok sensations. It is about family and support. We also help nudge research along with funding BUT that’s not the primary goal.

I come to the race weekend to see my Rett family. It’s a judge-free zone with smiles, hugs, laughs, bonding, networking, recognition, and validation that YES we ARE all amazing despite constantly second-guessing the path we are on. It is about everyone. Not just a child with Rett.

My boys have fostered these indescribable bonds with other siblings from across the country. We add in volunteering to help spread awareness which leads us to acceptance!!!! Our Rett children are different, not less.💜

There are many who do this race year after year who remember Girl Power. They stop by our tent on the way to the race because they want to run with our Flower sticker. Because our team is powered with so much joy and hope that it radiates to all who are around us.

This trip gives me purpose. It’s a reminder I can make a difference.

Each trip goes by too quickly but it always ends with us planning for next year with everyone. It leads to small mini get-togethers. It leads to new bonds and new knowledge.

The best description is it’s magical.

You can experience it too!!! Ask me how.” – Bonnie Budd

February 2021 will be the 10th year that Girl Power 2 Cure will be a part of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Orlando, Florida. If you would like more information or are interested in joining our team please contact !