GP2C Team;

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month is upon us! Our fantastic project and social media teams have compiled several resources for utilization as you help us spread the word. Please visit our Girl Power 2 Cure, Rett University and Rett Girl Facebook pages, or contact Amei and Kristi for any support you might need to bring awareness to your friends, families, co-workers and extended networks.

Our theme for this year’s daily communications will be centered on “Rising Above Rett” (#RiseAboveRett). You will see this emphasized in all our posts and communications as we celebrate courageous families who, despite the many challenges of Rett Syndrome, find ways to overcome, participate, advocate, and influence their communities and friends. GP2C remains committed to supporting families in their day-to-day lives, and advocating for support, education, accommodation, and inclusion of our loved ones in all phases of their lives… it’s one of the most important things we do!

We all hope for a cure, and we work diligently to fund and support those activities, but we are #HopeInAction; a simple recognition that Rett Syndrome lives, and circumstances can be improved today, as we look forward to the cure.

If you are able, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month is a perfect time to show your support! Our mission starts with the monetary contributions from families, friends, and associates of those suffering from Rett Syndrome. Please help if you are so inclined… every contribution is deeply appreciated and desperately needed in this fight.

Thanks, and have a fantastic October!

PS: For our Disney Princess runners and participants – this is the perfect time to work your networks, fundraise, and spread the awareness we so desperately need! Our sites and Facebook pages will all include donation links throughout the month as we continue to #RiseAboveRett and support our research partners at Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Satisfy your fundraising goals and raise awareness – this is the month!

Development Director
Girl Power 2 Cure