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#RiseAboveRett in 2021!

Happy May!

May is a month of new beginnings! Winter is behind, and the hope of spring is alive… and so is the HOPE FOR A CURE! Please support our mission to fund the critical research that will one day heal our children. Discoveries in gene therapy and repair are key to a cure, and the hope for human trials is real in the near future!

G1ve a Dollar-a-day in May – Please consider a $31 donation to Girl Power 2 Cure & Rett University – or any amount you may choose, as we continue to support families, fund research, and ensure access to educational tools and resources that will enrich their lives!

Every dollar is important, and the next dollar (your dollar) may be the key to the cure!

There are other ways you can help… sponsor an event, promote a Facebook fundraiser, or simply commit to recurring donations. We have tons of ideas and can help start to finish! Contact Amei ( and let’s get to work conquering Rett Syndrome!

May Giveaway!


This month’s GP2C giveaway is brought to you by EL3MCreations21!

EL3M Creations was born from necessity. Evie Morris was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2013 and relies on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Mom Candice and grandmother Joyce (after observing Susan Norwell) developed this simple Yes/No board as a functional, durable, and inexpensive communication aid for Evie.

Register below to win a Yes/No communication board (please note: the Yes/No, letters, and numbers do not come with the board).

Family Support

WAVs (Part 2): Why you need one! 
By: Cesar Rivera

After Part 1 of my masterpiece (just kidding!) on WAVs last month, my wife pointed out that I assumed everyone is on the same page…  I presumed that everyone knows that they need one. So, for those who think they don’t need a WAV, I will now endeavor to lay out the reasons why they may be helpful or even necessary… Read more at the link below!

Read More Here!

Rett University

Empowering parents, educators, and therapists with the knowledge and strategies to help students with complex needs reach their highest potential.

It is not our disabilities, it is our abilities that count”
~ Chris Burke

Such powerful words as we consider the many things that Rett Syndrome takes from our girls and boys.  Susan and Kourtney have participated in several IEP’s over the last few months – some wonderful and gratifying (those that see “abilities”) and some frustrating (those that see only “disabilities”). We have come a long way in the world of different abilities, but we still have work to do. Please take time to re-visit our updated blog discussion on this important topic below.

Next webchat – May 13, 2021, at 8:00 PM EST. We will discuss behavior, anxiety, and communication.  Come chat with us! (access on the Facebook event site or on our Instagram link tree)

Looking for our prior webchats, book club books, or lessons? Need IEP support or other Rett U services? Email Kourtney!  We are here for you.

Read More Here!

We Still Have Work to Do…
by Susan Norwell, co-founder Rett University

Maybe you are like me and feel deep emotions when you hear a family’s story of their child’s initial diagnosis with Rett Syndrome and their journey so far. I am excited that families are getting the word out about Rett Syndrome, boy or girl, yet, saddened that another family must go through this experience… Read more at the link below!

Events and Awareness

Thank you to Bob Lohr and everyone that participated, sponsored, and donated to the Anglers for Aubrey Fishing Tournament!

Everyone had an amazing time, learned about Rett Syndrome, and raised an impressive $13,000! Check out some of the great photos below.

Do you have an upcoming birthday or special occasion? How about hosting a Facebook fundraiser to support Girl Power 2 Cure? This is a great way to spread awareness, raise funds, and support GP2C! It is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Go to Girl Power 2 Cure’s Facebook Page
2. Select “Fundraisers” on the left menu bar
3. Select “Raise Money” to create your fundraiser
It’s that easy!