There are some pretty amazing athletes in our GP2C community. We are inspired by them and the extremes they will go to. One of those people is Carey Keever. She is participating in the Lake Placid Ironman. This will be Carey’s third Ironman. Even for avid athletes, training for such an event can be hard, but Carey has been able to push through with the help of her inspiration, Emma Dalton. Emma was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2008 and she will soon be turning 13 years old. At posting Carey had raised over $1800!  Recently, we spoke with Carey about her next event. 

GP2C: Were you a runner before Emma was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome? 

Carey:  Yes. 

GP2C:  How many and what distance races have you run? 

Carey I’ve run so many races, I’ve lost count. I’ve completed distances varying from 5K runs to 26.2 mile marathons, I’ve run Triathlon sprints, Triathlons and the Ironman. 

GP2C: That’s a lot of races. What inspires you to run?  

Carey:  I love the time to think when I run and the time to talk with my friends, when they join me. 

GP2C:  We agree, the camaraderie of the running community is great. 

GP2C:  Do you have any pre or post run traditions? 

Carey:  WATER! Always make sure you go into a run hydrated and not hungry. It makes the run a LOT more enjoyable! 

GP2C:  What is on your playlist?  

Carey:  Everything! I love 90s grunge, 80s bands, and rap. 

GP2C That’s pretty eclectic. 

GP2C What song would you recommend to other Rett Runners to help inspire them? 

Carey Anything by Imagine Dragons 

GP2C: What’s your power song?  

Carey: Scotland by The Lumineers 

GP2C:  Do you have a specific goal you are working towards? 

Carey:  I’d like to raise as much money as I can for Rett Syndrome Research and Girl Power 2 Cure. Also, to get to the finish line. 

GP2C:  Have you ever thought you wouldn’t make it to the finish line? What was that experience? 

Carey: I have definitely had those races and training sessions where I think I just can’t keep going. During those times the number one thing I do is try to change my mindset. I focus on what is going right or try to find a positive to drown out any negative thoughts. I will also give myself time goals, like, “If I am still miserable in 10 minutes I can quit” and then in 10 minutes I’ve usually forgotten how miserable I was. If not, I just say it all over again – 10 more minutes. 

GP2C:  Any advice to new runners? 

Carey:  Mostly listen to your body. During training, foam roll and also do strength training. Don’t forget, make sure to take rest days. 

GP2C:  How do you motivate yourself to keep running, even when you are tired, the run is hard, and your body is telling you to stop? 

Carey:  Simply, I think about the things that inspire me, mostly and usually Emma. I know that she fights a tougher battle everyday than I ever will. 

GP2C:  Anything else you want to share about yourself?   

Carey:  I have a wonderful husband and two amazing girls, not to mention the best cheering squad behind me at every race. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without them. 

All of us at Girl Power 2 Cure are thankful for Carey’s drive and efforts to fundraise for our charity. We look forward to seeing her at the finish line of the Lake Placid Ironman and we are grateful that our individuals with Rett Syndrome inspire so many people to push themselves to their own personal limits.