Halloween is this week, which can be exciting as well as give you feelings of hesitation. How can my child participate? How are they supposed to hold their candy bag or say “Trick or Treat” without being able to use their hands or speak? What if other kids bump my child in the hustle and excitement? Will they have fun?

Admittedly, social events and community gatherings can be off-putting for many families with special needs children—their experience won’t look the same as others, they may not be able to wear as elaborate costumes due to having to adapt many of the items to suit each child’s needs, they may get overwhelmed, a little tired and have to come in early, they may even choose to not go door to door. All of these things are ok. Our children can still have fun. They can still be a part of their neighborhood event. They can still dress up. They can still be included. It may take a little more support from siblings, close friends, and family, but fun can be had by all! Even if someone has to hold their bag for them, help them navigate through the crowds and even offer a “trick or treat” and “thank you”, that is ok. We know our children enjoy being a part of fun activities with their peers, so let’s help them do it!

We have come up with a few options for our families to print out, take with you, and give out while going from house to house! Spread a little awareness and have fun doing it! We hope that everyone has a safe and fun time this Halloween!

Simply click on the below images and print our cards!