Girl Power 2 Cure

#RiseAboveRett in 2020!

Dear GP2C team,

Happy New Year! We are so thankful for your support, participation, and contributions in 2019 and look forward to another prosperous year in 2020. We are filled with hope as we anticipate many encouraging results from active or planned research trials. While the road has been long, and our patience tested, we are encouraged by the prospects of meaningful treatment and curative advances in the coming year.

We will not quit, and we will not rest. Our vision is clear for 2020 – continue to fund research, continue to support our families, and continue to advance our Rett University education and awareness programs.

We ask you to consider… what can you do to help in 2020?  Can you sponsor an event? Can you run in Disney Princess? Can you execute a Facebook fundraiser? You are our lifeblood, and we need each and every family to help make this year our most successful year ever. Please reach out to me or Amei – we can help you brainstorm, execute or administer whatever activity you might consider!

Thanks, and we wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous 2020!


January Raffle!

This month, Girl Power 2 Cure’s giveaway is brought to you by Angel Scarf! Angel Scarf is offering a chance to win one of their functional and stylish scarves for your loved one. These scarves are created with your child in mind! They are a wonderful alternative to bibs, and they add style to anyone regardless of age or ability. Thank you Angel Scarf for your generous donation and support of Girl Power 2 Cure! 

Follow the link for a chance to win! 

Rett University

Empowering parents, educators, and therapists with the knowledge and strategies to help students with complex needs reach their highest potential.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend! Rett University will host private one-on-one consults on Friday, February 21st with Susan Norwell and Kourtney Barnum. 

To learn more and register CLICK HERE!

P.S. – You do not have to be running to participate in the private one-on-one sessions.  If you live in the area, we would love to see you and work with your loved one. 

Happy New Year! 

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with their families.  We are so excited to start a new year filled with communication and literacy for those with complex needs.  With a new year comes the opportunity to review progress and potentially establish new goals and resolutions.   

  • Is your child making gains in their communication (using either soft or high-tech devices)? 
  • Are you seeing growth in their literacy?  
  • Is their education team supporting communication and using the best tools to advance their learning?  

We have goals for Rett University as well.  New courses are coming soon, and we have plans to revise our Rett U website and social media content… so stay tuned! Of course, our goal, every day of every year, is to support people with complex needs with their communication and literacy.

Read our blog on SMART goals HERE!   

With every new year comes new goals and resolutions. For the Domol family, they have collectively committed to be a part of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend, in February 2020. They will all run in honor of their beautiful Willa as a part of #TeamWilla.

“The Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend serves as a perfect opportunity to be in a place that we love, benefiting a cause that we love.”

We are encouraged by the Domol’s participation, along with so many other families, as they support an incredible weekend for the Rett Community. Disney Princess 2020 here we come! 

To read more about the Domols, follow the link! 

This is Girl Power 2 Cure’s ninth year participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend. We have an amazing team of 150 participants running in honor and/or memory of 55 girls and boys!


GP2C has a booth at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo, and we would love for you to come volunteer and spread awareness. The booth is open Thursday, February 20th through Saturday, February 22nd. To volunteer, CLICK HERE!

Visit our GP2C finish line tent at all the races (Friday – Sunday). We are always looking for supporters to cheer on our runners! This is a great way to show your support and see what the runs are all about! For more details, email

Private One-on-One Consults
Susan Norwell, Rett University Co-Founder, and Kourtney Barnum, Rett University Coach are available for consults on Friday, February 21st at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. To learn more and register for your session, CLICK HERE!

Team Dinner
GP2C will host a super-fun team dinner on Saturday, February 22nd at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (you don’t have to be a runner to attend). Come join us for great food, music, and camaraderie! To register, CLICK HERE!

Whether you are running with us, volunteering, participating in Rett U, coming to the dinner or just hanging out…We can’t wait to see you!!

Thank you to our 2020 Disney Princess Sponsors: 

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