Executive Board

Pam Maxwell

Pam Maxwell

Board Chair

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, MSC Care Management
Pam brings to the GP2C board over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and business development in a variety of industries including distribution and healthcare services. She has supplemented her business experience with various personal development and community service opportunities, having previously served on the board of a local non-profit, The Housing Partnership of NE FL and as an alumnus of the 2007 class of Leadership Jacksonville. Pam lives in Saint Johns, FL just south of the city limits of Jacksonville, with her two kids and two dogs.




Senior Vice-President, The Capital Group Companies
A graduate of Davidson College, Prem is an Investment Analyst at The Capital Group Companies. He spent 10 years working in their Singapore office, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife, Susan, his son, Matthew, (and two dogs)! He serves as a Trustee at Davidson College, and is also on the Board of Project Life, a group dedicated to engaging college students as bone marrow donors.

“Ingrid (GP2C Founder) and her husband Pete’s commitment to making sure that their daughter Sarah lives as a normal a life as possible, integrating into the fabric of the every day, has humbled and motivated me over the years. The prospects of working towards a cure, and the hope of a better tomorrow for all Rett families is my reason for trying to help in what ever capacity I can.”




Monique is currently serving as Vice President of Integration Strategy & Operations – Enterprise Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Houston, Texas. Canadian born and an expatriate of the UK, Monique’s experience leading global strategy and operations of cross-functional teams is a perfect fit for Girl Power 2 Cure which strives to do more for everyone battling Rett Syndrome around the globe.

“I am delighted to join the board of GP2C,”  says Nolk. “GP2C is an amazing group of people and I am in awe of their unrelenting resolution to fight this disorder – from supporting and educating the girls and the team of professionals that support them, to helping families cope, to raising funds for research.  With one girl born every 90 minutes with Rett Syndrome, Rett is as prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis and ALS, but few people have heard of this neurological disorder. I look forward to joining GP2C to raise awareness and funds to find a cure.”

Monique holds a B.A., York University (CAN), M.A., University of Amsterdam (NL) and most recently completed Stanford University’s Emerging CFO Program.




Maura first heard the words Rett Syndrome when the daughter of her closest friends, Carolyn and Stephen Fowler, was diagnosed in 2017. Since Evelyn’s diagnosis, Maura has worked passionately with Evelyn’s Voice to raise funds and awareness for Rett Syndrome. Her hope is that all Rett children, including Evelyn, have the unwavering support to live active, fulfilling and meaningful lives, while researchers continue the quest for a cure.

Maura resides in South Carolina with her husband, Kasey and young daughter, Eloise. Maura is a graduate of the University of Florida (B.S. – Public Relations), and has extensive fundraising, event planning and non-profit management experience gained while working with JDRF.org, the world’s largest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes research and family support. Currently, Maura works as an Executive Assistant at Softex Paper.


“Evie used to be able to say my name – she used to be able to say and do a lot of things she can’t do now. I remember Evie pointing to Carolyn’s stomach and crying “baby” with delight when she learned she would be a big sister. Carolyn told me recently that “baby” was the last new word Evie ever learned to say. After that, she grew quieter and quieter until her voice abandoned her completely. I look forward to the day when a cure is found, and I hear her sweet voice again but until that day WE ARE EVELYN’S VOICE. I am so honored to be a part of GP2C and know without a doubt the tremendous positive impact GP2C has on Rett families.”

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