Special Announcement

A Message from Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. Founder, Ingrid Harding

Ingrid Harding, Founder & President, shares that her daughter Sarah has recently received a new diagnosis that will impact her role at Girl Power 2 Cure.

“Sarah’s diagnosis of Rett Syndrome was unique in that she has confirmed low levels of the Rett (MECP2) protein, but no found mutation. We’ve been hunting for the mutation causing her symptoms for most of her 16 years. Recently, we received a call from a lab letting us know they found her mutation. It is on the TCF4 gene on the 18th chromosome which is a very rare disorder called Pitt Hopkins syndrome. This is an incredible, positive milestone for Sarah’s journey and our fight to cure her.”

Ingrid and Sarah: New Journey, New Diagnosis from Girl Power 2 Cure on Vimeo.

Ingrid founded Girl Power 2 Cure in 2006 as a grassroots organization focused on bringing the Rett Syndrome community together to drive awareness, support families, provide education and fund Rett Syndrome research. Since that time, Girl Power 2 Cure has grown into an organization recognized worldwide for working to unite the efforts of everyone fighting this debilitating disorder.

While Ingrid will have a new direction and has decided to step down as President of Girl Power 2 Cure, she will pass the torch to the GP2C Team dedicated to keeping the organization going – keeping the flower in full bloom.

Roger Brooks, COO, shares, “Ingrid’s vision to launch GP2C was bold. It included giving families and friends an action-oriented mission, inspired by the GP2C flower, supporting anyone and everyone who was ready to learn about our beautiful girls and what they could do to help. Through community outreach, education and awareness events, and funding cutting-edge research at the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, Ingrid’s leadership has led GP2C to create positive impact upon thousands of families and girls worldwide.”

GP2C Board Chair Pam Maxwell shares, “I’ve been fortunate to be a part of this great organization and work alongside Ingrid for the past six years on the board. Ingrid’s vision of helping to create change and impact for our families and girls has been paramount. She will forever remain as our founder and we will work hard to continue her great work and impact she led for the last 10 years.”

Girl Power 2 Cure’s accomplishments have included:

  • 2006- Girl Power 2 Cure launch
  • 2009- Rettgirl.org launch: an informational website supporting families
  • 2011- Team GP2C launch: a running community throughout the country which includes six years at the Disney Princess Half Marathon
  • 2014- Rett University launch: an online education platform
  • 2015- Rett Girl Magazine’s first issue published: a printed family support publication

Through the efforts of donors, volunteers and partners, Girl Power 2 Cure has invested over $3.5 MM to support programs like family support and education including directly awarding nearly $1.5MM to fund research projects at the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

Ingrid continues, “I want to thank everyone in advance for allowing me and my family time to regroup, learn and do what is best for our daughter. I love the Rett community and have grown close to so many of you. Please wish us luck on this new adventure. We now have a new direction for Sarah, a new community to meet and a lot of new things to learn.

“I am not disappearing. I will stay on as an advisor and remain in touch with the Rett community that has been my world for the past 10+ years.”

In the interim, Ingrid’s responsibilities will be fulfilled by Roger Brooks, COO and Amei Prachthauser, Program Manager.

Roger adds, “Our mission at Girl Power 2 Cure doesn’t change. As we look to the future, our commitment to families, the girls and women, Rett Syndrome research and education will not waiver. We are fueled by the energy and passion of donors, families and key partners that are inspired to do more for everyone affected by Rett Syndrome. Ingrid spent the last 10 years setting the foundation and the GP2C Team is committed to continuing that impact across the globe.”

Please join us in thanking Ingrid for her tireless dedication to the Rett Syndrome community over the past 10+ years. We look forward to hearing how her new journey is bringing hope and light to new endeavors in the future.

I worked with GP2C while running the #Ragnar4Rett with the other ladies from #TeamSparkle. They are AWESOMESAUCE! The money that goes towards Rett Research is extremely valuable and I am honored to have been a part of something so much bigger than myself!

— Carlee McDot