As we are all focused on staying home for the time being we wanted to provide you with some fun activities to do with your loved ones! We have chosen a handful of products that we feel may prove useful in keeping your loved ones engaged and learning in the next few weeks. We have included items for sensory play and fun activities to encourage communication with one’s eye gaze device that involves the whole family. We hope these offerings provide some great moments of fun and quality time to be had by all!

1. Mad Libs

This is a great way to practice error-less communication and sentence structure with older individuals ages 5-12 years old!

2. Sensory water play for your yard or patio with Aquapod

Some sensory fun for the water lovers! Sit, roll, lay down on this squishy water pod and make waves of fun! The Aquapod comes in various sizes offering fun for all ages!

3. Sensory play with Water Beads

These water beads are perfect for those who like to either step or press cool water beads with their hands. They are non-toxic and come in a myriad of colors. Be careful, a little goes a long way!

4. Therapy Indoor Swing

This swing is perfect to hang indoors (or out if you prefer). It offers comfort and calm during times of heightened anxiety. All hardware included.

5. Light Show Projector for bedroom or living room

This light projector is perfect for one’s bedroom or the living and can be used as a calming soother for night time with the cover on and soft music playing, or you can plug in your own music device take the cover off for a projector light show and indoor concert! Automatic shut off after an hour projection lamp, audio cable, USB adapter and AC adapter included.

6. My Book With No Pictures

Have you ever wanted to write a book with your loved one? Now is your chance to create your spin on the #1 NY Times best-seller The Book With No Pictures. This create-your-own book is a perfect way to practice modeling on your child’s device and give them the opportunity to communicate with you! A great way to learn in a fun and creative way!

7. Baking Class: 50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Bake! (Cooking Class) 

Baking with your loved one is a great way to involve them in fun and creative activities that everyone in your family will benefit from! These fun recipes, offer step-by-step instructions with pictures. Baking is a great way to work through some math skills and expand your loved one’s communication set on their eye gaze device!

8. Sun Print Kit

The perfect activity to get you and your loved one out in the garden! Pick your favorite flowers or fun shaped leaves, set them on sun print paper and you will have yourself beautiful prints to frame and decorate with in a matter of minutes! Something for the nature lover in all of us, showing cause and effect with a focus on nature!



During this challenging time, we’ve also seen some positive things occurring like families spending more quality time together playing games, solving puzzles, and being active together. An area that’s gained a lot of newfound popularity is ping pong tables. Here’s a pointer to a site with buying guides for high-quality tables under $500 that we found useful.

We hope you find something you and your family will all enjoy. We are all in this together and know our good thoughts are with everyone in our amazing community. Stay healthy and be well!