Private One-on-One Consults


We are offering one-on-one education and communication consults with either Rett U Co-Founder, Susan Norwell or Rett U Coach Kourtney Barnum.

These sessions are one hour in length. We will end the formal session after 50 minutes to allow for questions, feedback and recommendations for next steps. We will also provide you with the video of the session so you can share it with your child/adults team to support continued learning and communication.

Possible directions the sessions could take are:
– Exploring eye-gaze on the Tobii eye gaze device (Susan/Kourtney will provide)
– Determining language set to build better communication
– Look at reading ability and how best to develop/enhance writing skills
– Establish how best to engage the child/adult in communication and interaction
– How to play and interact with a younger child

Susan Norwell $225
Kourtney Barnum $135

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
One Grand Cypress Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32836

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