Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Team up with Girl Power 2 Cure at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend in 2018. Unleash your inner princess and run for the tens of thousands of girls suffering from Rett Syndrome who can't.

Don't want to run? Join us for a fun weekend getting to know other Rett families and participating in our dinner and educational workshops.





Team GP2C Contact:
Amei Prachthauser

to send in donations made via check (be sure to note runner's name on check)

Girl Power 2 Cure
1881 S. 14th St #1
Amelia Island, FL 32034


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Thank you Girl Power 2 Cure for all your encouragement and for making it fun and easy to spread awareness! You supply everything we need and have really helped make this whole experience very enjoyable. We always feel supported in every way. Mandy is a wild fire! She is soo happy for all the community support!

— Jennifer Castro Rett Mom