Power of Your Gift


Please join us in our year-end campaign, The Power of Your Gift. Your donation will help us continue to support our three main areas of focus:

  • Family Support: These families are our heroes, tirelessly caring for their daughters, sisters, and granddaughters. We serve over 450 families with ongoing support, information, tools and resources.

  • Education and Awareness: You can help us educate and raise awareness, because those with Rett Syndrome have a right to be heard. Your gift will provide access to top-notch education to nearly 1,000 students through Rett University from world-renowned education specialists from around the globe.

  • Research: Rett Syndrome is reversible. Researchers are hard at work to bring these treatments from the lab to these girls. Your support helps to fund the research it will take to find treatments and a cure.


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Thank you Girl Power 2 Cure for all your encouragement and for making it fun and easy to spread awareness! You supply everything we need and have really helped make this whole experience very enjoyable. We always feel supported in every way. Mandy is a wild fire! She is soo happy for all the community support!

— Jennifer Castro Rett Mom