Meet Holly Lafort she is married to Bryan and the mother of 2 beautiful twin girls. Sophia and Olivia are 7 years old and Sophia was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at 22 months old. Holly and her family are amazing supporters of Girl Power 2 Cure and committed to finding a cure. She has been participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend for the past 3 years and will be joining Team GP2C again in 2019. She has an amazing team of women that make up Team Bella Blue and they have raised over $94,000! We are so happy she is part of the GP2C family and we appreciate her continued support.

“Before my daughter Sophia was diagnosed, I had never heard the term Rett Syndrome. Even as a nurse, I had no idea what this term meant and how it would change our lives forever. Sophia was diagnosed with Rett at 22 months old. Sophia is so much more than her diagnosis. She is a daughter, twin sister, cousin, student, and friend. We have not and will not let Rett Syndrome stop Sophia from doing things that any other seven year old girl would do. Sophia and her twin Olivia are both involved in horseback riding, swimming, skiing, ice skating, dance class, girl scouts. You name it, she does it. Accepting Rett Syndrome will never be easy for our family, but what does help make it bearable is the support we have received from Girl Power 2 Cure. They have provided us with a network of support, education, and hope.

I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with a few of my friends in 2016 and the support I received from my family, friends, and community has pushed me to run it every year since. We named ourselves Team Bella Blue after Sophia’s sparkling, bright, beautiful blue eyes. The team continues to grow each year! All of the money we raise for Girl Power 2 Cure is a step closer for us to get the research and treatments, and a very possible cure, that these girls deserve. I was never a real runner, but when my feet hit the pavement, I think of all the struggles Sophia goes through on a day to day basis. I fundraise and run the race to teach my girls that even when life gives you a negative situation there is always an opportunity to turn it into a positive one. We have made it our mission to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome and teach others what this means. Rett Syndrome is constantly trying to throw curveballs in our life, but we always seem to get through it together.

Sophia has taught us that there is so much more to life. She has taught us how to celebrate the small things and celebrate each day together. It is truly amazing to see the bond between my two girls, even though they are twins they are so very different. Rett has stolen so much from both of them, but that will never break the special bond they have. Olivia always includes Sophia in activities, wants to hold her when she’s scared, and is always ready to help her sister when she is in need. “We love each other no matter what” — Olivia.

The Eyes Have It –

“Her eyes, windows to the soul, take us to cherished places within her heart. Her eyes do more than see us. They touch us. Every human emotion is whispered, sung, shouted by her dancing, sparkling, eyes.”