Come join our fearless leader as he rides to CURE RETT SYNDROME!

GP2C and Rett University COO Kevin Pierce will ride 900 miles in the month of October (Rett Syndrome Awareness Month) to CURE RETT SYNDROME! 

  • Please support Kevin as he pedals across the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast to raise Rett Syndrome awareness and critical research funds!
  • Kevin will ride 30 miles a day for 30 days – 900 miles in the month of October (weather permitting).
  • Progress updates, ride statistics, and some beautiful photos from Florida’s scenic Gulf Coast will be posted throughout the month on our social media pages!

All donations/sponsorships will be earmarked for Rett Syndrome research through the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

Sponsorship levels: 

  • 5 cents/mile      $45
  • 10 cents/mile    $90
  • 50 cents/mile    $450
  • $1/mile                $900
  • Or any general donation amount you prefer!

 900 miles in recognition of all Rett girls, boys and families who battle the challenges that come with each and every day of life with Rett Syndrome. Come give our leader the support and inspiration he needs to grind out miles for the cure (for perspective, 900 miles = New York City to Tampa, FL). DONATE HERE TODAY!


Kevin’s ride is sponsored in-part by: