Our Rett warriors (and their families) climb mountains every day and embody our theme of #HopeInAction! Get ready to help with that climb, as we embark on our Second Annual Climb for A Cure 2022 campaign! Julie Nordquist and Shawn Shafai will tackle the highest peak in the lower 48 United States! Mount Whitney stands at an impressive 14,505’ of elevation and provides some of the most challenging climbing in the country!  Julie and Shawn will hike through the beautiful Inyo National Forrest and establish base cap at Iceberg Lake. From this camp, they will tackle the technically challenging “East Buttress” of Mount Whitney, a route reserved for only the most capable and well-trained climbers!

Ways to Participate:  

Support Julie and Shawn!!! Julie and Shawn’s three-day expedition will begin at base camp Iceberg Lake. Day 2 will accomplish the East Buttress climb of Mount Whitney, and day 3 will be the hike out of the valley through the Whitney Portal! Click here to meet Julie and Shawn as they describe their plans and inspiration! You can support their heroic efforts on behalf of Girl Power 2 Cure and Rett University by donating here and encouraging your support networks to do the same!

Acknowledge Your Favorite Rett Warrior!!! Send us the name and picture of your favorite Rett Warrior and family using this link. Our girls and boys will be honored along every leg of their Mount Whitney expedition and recognized at the summit of Mount Whitney on the GP2C Summit Banner! See your favorite Rett Warrior on top of the highest peak in the US and encourage your family and friends to DONATE!

Be a Sponsor!!! Own a business or know someone who does? Let us plant your logo on top of Mount Whitney! A $500 sponsorship for our Second Annual Climb for a Cure will make it happen – click the link and provide your name, business name, and a few other details. We will take your logo/artwork to the top of the mountain, as well as feature you on our GP2C/Rett University web sites and social media pages as our campaign progresses!!!

Host a Supporting Event!!! Join in the fun and encourage your community by hosting a Climb for a Cure Facebook Fundraiser! Go HERE and start you Fundraiser… just a few bits of information and your fundraiser will support Julie and Shawn as they raise funds to conquer Rett Syndrome!  


Thank you to our Sponsors: