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Everything we do is for our girls. We help provide resources for families and fund research. But what can YOU do for these girls who are fighting for a better life every day?

People always ask about the kind of things that a girl struggling with Rett Syndrome might enjoy doing with friends and family. Here is a quick list to look through to find great ideas to HELP HER.

20 Things You Can Do

Try looking at our “20 Things You Can Do” guide for some inspiration. It includes simple things that will really brighten up a Rett Girl’s day.

Here are the first 5: 

  1. Smile and say hello.
  2. Take her for a walk on a nice warm day.
  3. Bring your pet the next time you visit. Oh the joy a wiggly, warm ball of love can bring to someone who is confined to their wheelchair. 
  4. Make something for them. A drawing, a paper flower, a pretty button to wear. Show your friendship with a special homemade item.
  5. Dance! Visit with your favorite music and have fun “dancing!” Even if you can just hold their hand and move to the beat! Bring a few fun scarves with you!

Get the whole list here

Resource Website & Magazine

We created in 2008 as a dedicated resource for families and their caregivers. We’ve also created a quarterly magazine to inspire you with activities and other information for engaging with a girl battling Rett Syndrome.

VISIT RETTGIRL.ORG view the magazine here

Rett University 

Are you a teacher, therapist, caregiver or parent looking for educational resources? Through our education platform, Rett University, we offer dozens of hours of training in the areas of communication, literacy, nutrition, music therapy and more!

Visit Rett University


GP2C is the most inspiring organization I've ever encountered! Not only does it provide funding but it provides support and LOVE!

— Rachel Dalton