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Great Stuff for Rett families!

We don’t want you to feel alone in this fight. The GP2C community is an inspiring and encouraging place filled with loving families pulling together to support each other.

From resources for telling your story and fundraising, to a place for finding & sharing helpful product tips or connecting with a family near you, our community is where everyone is welcome and everyone is needed.

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CONTACT US is the EVERYTHING RETT SITE created as a resource by GP2C for Rett Syndrome families. We hope everything on this site helps your Rett Girl fight a stronger fight against Rett Syndrome. Check out the product reviews, tips from other families, as well as doctor and therapist listings. It is also a place for you to submit your own ideas and products!


The Purple Card


You'll never know the power of THE PURPLE CARD until you try! These amazing little personalized awareness cards are a great way to share your Rett Syndrome story anytime, anywhere! Imagine never having to explain Rett Syndrome in front of your daughter ever again! Available in multiple languages. 

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GP2C Personal Webpage

Ever wish you had a place where you could share your daughter's story? A place where friends, family, and co-workers could go to learn more about Rett Syndrome and even make a donation in her honor to support research? Sign up for your very own GP2C web page!

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Rett Q&A for Therapists

This Q&A session with GP2C founder, Ingrid Harding, for is perfect to share with all of the therapists that are or will be a part of your daughter's life!

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IEP Samples

IEP...the three most intimidating letters of the alphabet! We want to help. We are compiling IEP examples currently used by other girls with Rett Syndrome. Our goal is to help you through the IEP process as well as provide you a place to share your daughter's IEP with other parents.

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Rett University

Rett University is an e-learning platform specifically designed for educators and therapists of Rett Syndrome students. Experienced professionals share their cutting-edge knowledge on how to support students with Rett Syndrome and push them to their highest levels of academic, physical and personal achievement.

Rett University is brought to you by Girl Power 2 Cure in partnership with Susan Norwell, a world-renowned Rett Syndrome education and communication specialist; and, a leading e-learning company.

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Music CD and Therapy Guide

The Power of Music. The Power of Girls. The Power 2 Cure.

Hundreds of girls worldwide are enjoying the amazing music on the GP2C music CD, compiled especially for girls battling Rett Syndrome. We also want to share some great therapy activities that go along with each of the songs.

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GP2C en Espanol

Need some information in Spanish?

We have a few pages translated to help!


I am not only a volunteer and donor, I am also a mother of a Rett girl. This organization is more than inspiring! They made me want to do more than just wish and pray for a cure, but rather become part of finding one! They make you feel so welcomed and understood, as if they have known you all your life. 

— Tarah Miller