Find Her


Every 90 minutes another little girl is born with Rett Syndrome. She becomes trapped in a body that does not allow her to speak, walk, or use her hands.

Even tougher news is that many families with a Rett Girl don’t even know it. They have either been misdiagnosed or have no diagnosis at all. These families are isolated and their daughters can’t benefit from all the resources and support that exist in our Rett community.

We must find these girls, at whatever cost. We can’t wait for them to be diagnosed properly or for their families to find us on their own. We feel passionately that we need to FIND HER - find all of them.

We can’t imagine a world where the only reason a Rett Girl goes without a treatment is because no one knows she has it.

This hits us very hard. If it hits you the same way, you could be the piece we need to FIND HER.

Over the years Girl Power 2 Cure has spread the word about Rett Syndrome to as many people as it can reach. We believe that the more people who know about Rett, the easier it will be to find these girls.

There are 3 ways you can help us Find Her  

1. Share

Spread the word about Rett Syndrome. Read a Rett Girl’s story and share it with your friends, family and community. 

2. Give

Your financial support in this fight goes a long way towards finding every Rett Girl. With your help, we can do small things that have a big impact, like sending information about Rett Syndrome to doctors throughout the nation, so they know what to look for. 

3. Volunteer

With a mission this large, there is always a need for people. Send out our resources or host an event. If you’d like to give your time to our cause, we’d love to empower you to do it. 




I worked with GP2C while running the #Ragnar4Rett with the other ladies from #TeamSparkle. They are AWESOMESAUCE! The money that goes towards Rett Research is extremely valuable and I am honored to have been a part of something so much bigger than myself!

— Carlee McDot