This high energy, hands-on workshop is built on the principals of teach, show, model, practice and review.  Attendees will learn the six building blocks of Emergent Literacy as conceptualized by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.  Videos will demonstrate the utilization of the model with a variety of complex learners.  Techniques will be embedded into activities modeled by the instructor to support communication and specific emergent literacy learning.

Participants will implement the techniques with each other while participating in hands-on literacy, communication, and instructional tasks. Real-time learning opportunities will be provided to all attendees to build awareness and knowledge of literacy and communication teaching strategies and provide the practice in how to teach them.  Strategies for incorporating communication supports for all activities will be emphasized.

Complex students are typically nonverbal or not typically verbal, thus learning literacy skills without building communication skills is impossible.  The instructor will coach participants as they work through various activities. Participants will provide feedback to the group about their successes and questions.  Goals and targets for staff training will be shared for each of the six blocks utilizing the same learning model.  Come in comfortable clothes with a willingness to learn and have fun!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will utilize two communication systems to model a book read aloud.
  • Participants will utilize two communication partner strategies to support a small group language activity (everyday activity, play-based activity, book read aloud).
  • Participants will utilize two low tech literacy solutions to support writing skill development for the complex learner.
  • Participants will learn the six blocks of the Emergent Literacy Model and be able to provide a learning activity/strategy for each block.

Time: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (lunch will be provided)

Cost: Complimentary

Clinical Maintenance Hours (CMH’s): 5

Instructional Level: Beginner

This event is being provided by the generous support and donations raised at the 6th Annual Swingin’ 4 Rett Dance, The Spa City Swingers dancers, Girl Power 2 Cure and the Wesley Community.

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