Our sites

GirlPower2Cure.org is our central website. We also run two other sites...be sure to check them out!

Dress Up 2 Cure is our annual fundraiser that takes place throughout the month of April. Why April? April is Autism Awareness Month...and Rett Syndrome is the most physically disabling of the autism spectrum disorders. April is also SPRING! - a perfect time to see the GP2C flower blooming everywhere. Dress Up Cure is all about bringing your "silly" to the table and dressing things up with our flower -- a store window, a hat, a dress, face paint, a cookie...

We all figure that when you are feeling bad, you want someone to cheer you up.. so in the spirit of all things girls and dress ups, we are bringing out the joy of healing all while raising funds for research.

[visit www.dressup2cure.org]

Girls who have Rett Syndrome are often referred to as Rett Girls. We wanted to make a special place for everyone caring for a Rett Girl to be able to find and share knowledge. RettGirl.org is an online support database and community for hundreds of families around the world. Families can find cool iPad apps, wheelchair recommendations, recipes, therapy ideas, doctor recommendations, and join in group hubs to keep up the latest technology.

[visit www.rettgirl.org]