Host an Event

Hosting your own event is a super fun way to support GP2C because you can invite all your friends to do it with you. We have a bunch of ideas for you to choose from below that others have pulled off -and we certainly encourage you to try anything else you can come up with.

Whichever you choose, we’re here to help make your event successful. We either have the resources on-hand, or can help you with an event logo and all promotional materials including: posters, tickets, postcards, t-shirt design and more!

We also have four levels of awareness materials and merchandise kits to purchase to make your event even more successful. Visit this link to pick out the one that is right for you.

Use the ideas below to get started, or think of one of your own. When you’re ready to start planning your event, shoot us an email! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Contact Amei Prachthauser: or 904-277-2628.

Event Ideas:

Rockin' for Rett

Bring on the music! Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is excited to offer this great event to raise awareness and funds! While we hope to have concerts held in October for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, a Rockin’ for Rett event can be hosted anytime of the year. You can work with just one musician, a band, two bands – or even go with a BATTLE OF THE BANDS! No matter what venue you decide on this event is sure to be ROCKIN'!

Power the Flower 5K Run

We have a great event kit for a 5K run! Best for a park trail so you don't have the expense of traffic control. 

Golf for a Cure

Want an opportunity for your favorite golfer to get in the swing of things? Then "Golf for a Cure" is the ideal fundraiser for you! It is a chance for you combine golf, lunch and/or dinner, and maybe even a silent auction or raffle....all while raising funds for Rett Syndrome. 

Toast for a Cure

White? Red? No matter your favorite, you can host a "Toast for a Cure" event guaranteed to raise everyone's spirits while raising awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome! Contact your local winery or favorite restaurant and let's raise our glasses for OUR girls!

Dress Up 2 Cure

Little girls love to play dress up, so in that tradition, we have launched a fundraising event centered around 'dressing up' to help fight Rett Syndrome. This is a fun, silly way to spread hope and combat a very serious disorder! Learn how you and even your local schools can get involved.

Garden of Hope

Dig Deep and help us "plant" flowers to raise awareness and research funds for Rett Syndrome. Similar to the March of Dimes, we have paper icons that are signed for a $1 donation. Only we have a flower! Together these flowers create a "Garden of Hope." We will GROW these funds into even more money for research! WE will mail you a FREE KIT with 250 paper flowers and instructions.
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Create Your Own!

What are you passionate about? We will help you find a way to incorporate your love for books, movies, music, sports, or hobbies into a fun-filled fundraiser! We can help you with a logo and all promotional materials to include: posters, tickets, postcards, t-shirt design and more!

Merchandise to sell at events:

We are excited to introduce GP2C Event Kits! We have created four levels of awareness materials and merchandise kits to purchase to make your event even more successful!

Pick out the one that is right for you!

Additional merchandise must be purchased through our online shop.


Contact Amei Prachthauser: or 904-277-2628.

This organization has gone above and beyond what I ever expected an organization to do. It has helped my daughter and my family in so many ways. They are always promoting events and making us feel included and in the loop with events and allowing us to participate in them. So grateful for Girl Power 2 Cure and the blessing it has been in our lives.

— Whitney Cooley